Does Kenyan music get enough air play? If you ask me I think not. Let me tell you why, ask yourself right now what do you know about the Kenyan music scene compared to what you know from foreign music or musician for that matter. I always believe you buy what is sold to you, you can never buy what is not sold. 

We as listeners deserve to hear our own content so that we can appreciate and support our own sound. Am pretty sure right now we don’t know that we even have our own sound and I don’t blame us.

Our radio stations should do more, we need to give our own music more air play. The situation is so bad that in other areas for you to make it you have to sing a foreign sound for you to blow up. For instance at the Coast if you don’t bring in bongo flavour vibes in your song, then that’s it you are done. All this is brought about by the fact that the local radio stations at the  Coast play too much bongo flavour that the coastal sound is dead. So my appeal is to the stakeholders of the music industry, we need our local vibe back on air. Like I said earlier you buy what is sold #Supporting 254



Is this how we treat rising stars now? Am kinda shocked and annoyed at the same time, it seems its a crime nowadays  to make it in the entertainment industry without someone branding you to be an advocate of the devil. We need to do better people. I had an exculisive with Roverbouy about the claims that he is a freemason and he himself was shocked in that, in almost all his interviews he acknowledges God for his success. 

Maybe it’s his quick rise to the top that’s causing all this buzz. He has been select as the best RnB singer in East Africa repping Kenya by both MTV base and Trace music. People we should stop victimising people who are talented and are doing great we should instead support them. If we keep up with this we will lose really great talent. So ladies and gentlemen from me to you stop putting down really awesome talent # supporting 254


Avril surely has the game on lock. With her acting and music you can say that she’s really the queen in this game. Ok after leaving Ogopa and moving to Kaka empire, she is really doing great. She has jams with King Kaka and other artists in her new label. To be honest I thought her career would be done in music after leaving Ogopa, but hey I stand to be corrected. She is even bigger and better now. I say this cause just a few months back she did a Collaboration with Kenrayz and it was ok. She then decides to release this monster track Uko.

Apart from the vocals being on point, the video is out of this world. The Gothic twist of the video I can proudly say that the director did his homework. All I can say is that if she keeps on like this, men I can’t even say how great she is going to be. She is truly the queen at King Kaka’s Empire.


Stacy Queen

She is the amazing Afro fusion artist on the rise. Under the management of RnB dot com Kenya which is owned by the RnB king Roverbouy, she is doing really well. She just started her career last year but I can tell you she does have a promising future, with her first single Be strong, she is definitely here to stay. She is also working on her upcoming project, a collaboration with Roverbouy, I know that’s going to be dope. I can’t wait to hear what those two will come up with.

Apparently am not the only one that sees a great future for her in the music scene, with a show at Kyeni TV and booked interview today at MTN, she is a chick to watch out for cause she is about to be huge. Thumbs up for you Miss Stacy Queen.


RnB King Roverbouy

A superstar on the rise who is taking over the air waves with his song Am in love. For real he is the guy to watch people. I mean with his vocals and lyrics being just on point, its just right to say he is in this game to stay. Reping Nyeri to the fullest. Started music way back but career wise in 2014 and he has truly been noticed for his great work, with interviews from Kiss FM, Mambo Mseto, Radio maisha and the like, this just shows how good he is.

At radio maisha
At Mambo mseto with Willy M Tuva
At Kiss FM with Adelle Onyango

This is what we need in our music scene people. Especially with his RnB 08 vibe he is definitely on point. It seems am not the only one who thinks this though, with his upcoming project with Octopizzo he is definitely on the map. What’s more interesting is that he is doing all this without a recording label behind him. A very bold move indeed and a definition of his greatness.

Can’t wait for it to be out people. You better be ready for it cause I know its gonna be hot and I can bet a dollar on it. 

Roverbouy the RnB king ladies and gentlemen…


Serah Sarah is her name an amazing afro soul artist. Born in Mombasa, where she also started her music career, singing in a band, then she  moved to Nairobi but currently  living in Dubai. This talented vocalist, song writer and performing artist is doing amazing in the music scene. With her three awesome jams Papasa, Ukirudi and Cheza kidogo which she featured Dazla, it’s safe to say she got the music game on lock.

With her amazing lyrics blended with a touch of afro fusion beats topped up  with her awesome vocals it’s equal to nothing but great music. I saute her for the great work she’s done and I can’t wait to hear her next project. 

Serah Sarah ladies and gentlemen…


Where did this award go. The reason am asking this is, the last Chaguo la teneez award was in 2012 those are five years in counting. Our music industry needs events like this to encourage competition. For instance look at gospel genure in Kenya they have groove awards and look at how that part of the music industry is doing. We need awards that will stand the taste of time, like the way US has BET, Soul Train, Grammy and the like.

We have a new award though the Pulse Music Video Awards. I really hope this is here to stay. Let’s meet 30 years from now and we shall talk about its progress.


They say old is gold but it seems we’ve totally forgotten about that. How we treat our pioneers, I mean its just wrong. I don’t wanna point fingers but I think our promoters should do better. For instance the Diamond show in Mombasa he went home with more than a million shillings, where as our pioneers of urban music in Kenya don’t get even a third of that in a show. You won’t find that in other countries. We need to treasure our legends more and am not saying the new acts don’t deserve better too but also we should also treasure the people who started all this


Ok here is what I think and don’t judge me. I think its so unfair to barn local songs that we say are imoral and show song of foreign artists that are worse than ours. The bad thing is that we try as much as possible to hide the nasty parts of the video songs of foreign artist so that we can still show them. For instance Khaligraph Jones song called Naked

I know the name itself is controvacial, but don’t you think its hypocritical to barn that song and show songs like Na na by Trey Songz or BBHM by Rihanna. Another Kenyan song that received some back lashes was Nishike by Sauti Sol. As for me I think if we should barn song for their immorality we should just barn them all and have no exceptions or just show all of them instead. The barn of local content by the government is killing our music industry. Like I said don’t judge me those are just my thoughts

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