Just a thought why is it that when a gospel artist sings secular music it becomes a very disturbing issue and when a secular artist sings gospel its no big deal? And when i say secular I don’t mean songs about sex, girls and liquor, not that, I mean songs about love like the one of Willy Paul and Alaine

The message in this song according to me was about love I Dont know where all the trouble was coming from. 

When a gospel artist does a song with a secular artist its a problem too. Just like how Bahati got some heat after doing a song with Rayvany

The song was actually about choices in life and that we make that are not according to His and the Lord should remind us to follow his way. That is according to how I understood the song. The irony of this is when a secular artist does a gospel song he or she gets praises of the good work he/she has done. Remember Mungu Pekee? 

That song is one of Nyashiski’s big tune after his come back. The video of that song has more than a million views. All this makes me wonder when you sing gospel does it mean you can’t fall in love and share it to the whole world through your art, and why should secular artist get a free pass on this. So like I earlier said “just a thought” dont judge me.


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