We all know that Hip hop came from the street. Its was once  used as a weapon to paint the struggles of the street. This resulted to the birth of groups like..

N.W.A (Niggas With Attitudes)
N.W.A (Niggas With Attitude)
Public Enemy lead by Flava Flave

These groups were seen as radicle because they mostly talked about violence in the streets. They were said to have insighted violence in their neighbour hoods.In my opinion these group were just speaking out on what was really happening in their neighbour hoods. Despite all this Hip hop still went main stream. A few decades later we had hip hop companies like…

This showed that hip hop had become main stream, that it had been taken from the street where it was born to the elite class.

And so we thought, despite having organisations like the ones above backing up hip hop, hip hop was still thugging.

Tupac Shakur and Notoriuos BIG beefing up
50 cent and The Game beef in 07-08

Having artist like Tupac and Notorious beefing up in the 90s and The Game and 50 cent in 07-08. This just proved hip hop was still street. This traditions is still on going and has spread all over the world,even back home you remember earlier last year we had this…

Four of Kenyans best rappers beefing up on who is the king in the game. We heard some beef trucks flying over the air waves.

Even recently two of the best rappers in Kenya still on each others throat. This also paints a picture that hip hop is still street. All this begs the question, is Hip hop really out of the street and is now Main stream or has Hip hop taken street to Main stream?


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