Before I go on I just wanna let you know that this is totally my opinion. I think in all forms of art the most abused is the music.

Back in the days we had the common genres; hip hop, rnb, soul, jazz and the like. Right now we have more genres coming up, which to my opinion its both a curse and a blessing at the same time. A blessing cause it shows that we are getting creative as the industry goes by. A curse in that we have emerging genre which spit on the face of music as an art. Am talking about Trap music (like I said earlier just my opinion nothing personal). Trapping is a mush up of hip hop beats into crunk lyrical flow (by the way crunk is no more). According to me Trapping is an abuse to hip hop or rapping for that matter.

Why do I say this, having basic skills of rhyming does not cut it to being great in hip hop. Having genres like that we are just giving room for more wanna be super stars in the music scene. You won’t see things like this in paintings or…

maybe see it in sculpting, where someone is so bad but you still find people patting him or her at the back and say “good job” 

We can only see that in music, where some people sing crap but we look for something else to make them feel good of themselves, something like “the video was awesome” we should stop being too forgiving. I think we as funs of music we are too forgiving. We make the 90s and 80s kids think the had better talent than us. You know what I think, we have better talent (sorry old skool just saying) the problem is that we are too forgiving. We should stop giving room to untalented wanna be superstars, we should demand better.


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