Does Kenyan music get enough air play? If you ask me I think not. Let me tell you why, ask yourself right now what do you know about the Kenyan music scene compared to what you know from foreign music or musician for that matter. I always believe you buy what is sold to you, you can never buy what is not sold. 

We as listeners deserve to hear our own content so that we can appreciate and support our own sound. Am pretty sure right now we don’t know that we even have our own sound and I don’t blame us.

Our radio stations should do more, we need to give our own music more air play. The situation is so bad that in other areas for you to make it you have to sing a foreign sound for you to blow up. For instance at the Coast if you don’t bring in bongo flavour vibes in your song, then that’s it you are done. All this is brought about by the fact that the local radio stations at the  Coast play too much bongo flavour that the coastal sound is dead. So my appeal is to the stakeholders of the music industry, we need our local vibe back on air. Like I said earlier you buy what is sold #Supporting 254


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