Avril surely has the game on lock. With her acting and music you can say that she’s really the queen in this game. Ok after leaving Ogopa and moving to Kaka empire, she is really doing great. She has jams with King Kaka and other artists in her new label. To be honest I thought her career would be done in music after leaving Ogopa, but hey I stand to be corrected. She is even bigger and better now. I say this cause just a few months back she did a Collaboration with Kenrayz and it was ok. She then decides to release this monster track Uko.

Apart from the vocals being on point, the video is out of this world. The Gothic twist of the video I can proudly say that the director did his homework. All I can say is that if she keeps on like this, men I can’t even say how great she is going to be. She is truly the queen at King Kaka’s Empire.


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