I really do think that as an artist what you on stage should reflect what you did in the studio. An artist should deliver on stage as well as in the studio. And don’t get me wrong when I say on stage I mean live with like a band and everything, not lipsing with your mic off cause apparently you’re  used to too much auto tune that you don’t sound the same while singing live. That’s why am down for events like blankets and  wine.  Big ups to you MDQ really keeping good and live music alive

Also having shows like Coke Studio  that also promote live music. Live music is really important that’s why all the greats in music are given more props in their live shows the likes of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gay, Steve Wonder,  Bob Marley even the African greats the like of Fella Kuti and Maria  Makeba . Let’s keep the live music alive


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