I think this is how it should be you make music to make money not the other way round making money to make music. Aparently that’s what has been the issue right now. We have these untalented rich wanna be singers who think they can sing. So they buy there way to stardom. If you really have the talent to sing you don’t need a collaboration with an established artist to pull you up, the sad thing is you still make a bad song. I mean seriously are you that desperate to be a celebrity. Its so obvious people, if you don’t know how to sing, go do something else that doesn’t need you to buy your way up. We are creating an unfair level playing field. This is because they find good producers and and awesome video directors pay them a lump sum of money and they are good to go, whereas they are really talented artist who don’t have money to do what these wanna bes do thus burying the good talent. We have a little bit of blame in this fiasco because we as fans we are kinda focused on the videos and beats in the songs we listen to rather than the music itself. Like I said earlier we need to do better we gotta take these rich wannabe musicians home. Bring the music then get the money thats how it should be.


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