Last night we all saw what happened in our capital city. The sad thing that is making my blood boil right now is that all this will be done in a few days. In my view this is dangerous to our society. How can a police officer kill a person in cold blood on camera. I mean are they suppose to arrest a person who has surrendered. That’s just wrong people. I don’t care if he was a thug or not All lives matter. As the authority they should do better. What’s really bad is that these so called cops won’t be brought to book and we won’t care about it, because the story will dead by then. What message are we sending to the world people, is it that other lives are more important than others? Is the authority telling the public that its ok to kill those who don’t fit in the society? Is it ok to be both the judge and the jurry? This is wrong people we need to demand better from the people who are suppose to protect us. Let’s stop killing the story and talk about it so as to better our future or else it will come a time where people will be shot dead by just a mere speculation people and since the society will be so rotten by then, we won’t even care. Let us not wait till then let’s change all that now. Let’s not hush let’s speak out. Don’t kill the story.


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