Is music really still an art or is it just a business venture. I know people want to make a living from the art called music but we should not forget about the art itself. For instance the music today has become an easy way to stardom.The music scene has now developed ways of one becoming a musical sensation even without owning the talent it self. You only get an awesome beat from a known producer and a good video to back you up, then feed us some weak line that one calls lyrics and there you go a musical sensation you are. This is wrong. Where did the hunger of good music from both the artist and the fans go? We are not making timeless music anymore. Most of the songs we listen today, hurt our ears when the are just a week old. We need to start focusing on the art and stop looking for shortcuts of becoming celebrities. I wish music was like sports where for you to get more money or even a chance to stardom you have to be really and I mean really good. They are no shortcuts there you just need to work. This goes to our artist, can you please up your game. Shows us that you are hungry to make good music not just to be known and please if you can’t sing please stop wasting our time and go do something else worth your time not everyone is blessed with that talent. #bring back the good music


16 thoughts on “WHERE DID THE MUSIC GO?

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  1. This makes a lot of sense. There’s need for musicians to bring back the good music we all long for. Most of what we call music nowadays is actually just organized noise. I’m with you 100 percent in this.


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