Is our film industry that bad? Its shocking and annoying sometimes when you find that we know so much about Nollywood and Hollywood. What about our industry where are we placing our film industry. You know what, the ones to blame are our local channel. How are we suppose to support our local content if all we see is Nollywood and Hollywood. The worst thing is that the ones we see (that is local content) is bad acting shady script, comedies that are suppose to be funny. Which are not anyway. The other sad thing is that, its not that we don’t have good content, we do but the are shown on other channels that are not local. I dare you my people ask yourself how many Kenyan actors do you know against the ones you know from both hollywood and nollywood. We need to dig deep both the stake holders and us the viewer. We all need to support our content all of us. The reason am saying this is we are losing our good acts like Nick Mutuma who is currently in Nollywood now some are abroad. We need to do better people. The scary things is that if we keep up at this rate we will lose our film industry.


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  1. I agree….but I have something to put across…most local movies are amazing…I’m sure you’ve heard about Veve and Nairobi Half life but the thing is not many Kenyans get a chance to appreciate them and I frankly think it’s because they aren’t widely marketed only the few elite get to enjoy them who should be to blame for that

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    1. Our local channels have set aside hours everyday showing Afro cinema why can that time be set for local movies because I dout if Nigerian channel set aside hours for Kenyan content


  2. Some channels offer such local movies for everyone to enjoy…so I guess I’ll agree that it’s our fault at some point…and media houses….maybe just maybe

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