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Queen Stacy is definitely still reigning in her empire. She has nominations from Kenya Gospel & Legends Awards of Song of the award and Eastern song of the year. I know I will sound like I can see the future in this but I think I told you in advance that she was going places and here it is. 

Her first song was a motivational song (that is also nominated) which talks about jumping over limitation. If you believe in her like I do go vote for her right now guys. For song writer of the year SMS M4 to 21515 & song of the year (Be strong) SMS R5 to 21515. Last but not least she has a new single dropping soon called Unaweza, its an inspirational song that will surely uplift your soul, no dout. To all other gospel artists out there just wanna let you know that dont be too comfortable Queen Stacey is on her way to grab the crown. Queen Stacy ladies and gentlemen.


Am talking about non other than the RnB king Roverbouy. For all those Roverbouy fans (me included) this is for you. Roverbouy has three singles on the way one known as the online girl, going to all beauty queens that make us guys shut the real world out and stick online, the other one is an RnB afro pop tune called Till the end and last but not least a surprise collabo with one of the Hip Hop kings. All I can say is stay tune cause he is definately not leaving anytime soon. Once again Roverbouy ladies and gentlemen


Just a thought why is it that when a gospel artist sings secular music it becomes a very disturbing issue and when a secular artist sings gospel its no big deal? And when i say secular I don’t mean songs about sex, girls and liquor, not that, I mean songs about love like the one of Willy Paul and Alaine

The message in this song according to me was about love I Dont know where all the trouble was coming from. 

When a gospel artist does a song with a secular artist its a problem too. Just like how Bahati got some heat after doing a song with Rayvany

The song was actually about choices in life and that we make that are not according to His and the Lord should remind us to follow his way. That is according to how I understood the song. The irony of this is when a secular artist does a gospel song he or she gets praises of the good work he/she has done. Remember Mungu Pekee? 

That song is one of Nyashiski’s big tune after his come back. The video of that song has more than a million views. All this makes me wonder when you sing gospel does it mean you can’t fall in love and share it to the whole world through your art, and why should secular artist get a free pass on this. So like I earlier said “just a thought” dont judge me.


They say music is the food to ones soul. Gospel music does exactly that. This genure should inspire, uplift and encourage.  One gospel act is doing just that.

Shines Zawadi is an uprising gospel artist. With two singles out Mola and Enjoy, I can assure he is no joke. Being that he is new to the industry (started in 2012) he has been doing well. Trust me when I tell you that he is awesome you have to get his songs. “Get his song on mdundo. com” and apparently am not the only one who thinks this. Shines Zawadi  was on Crossover 101.  

“I have to say you’re moving on well there bro” Shines Zawadi right there ladies and gentlemen.


We all know that Hip hop came from the street. Its was once  used as a weapon to paint the struggles of the street. This resulted to the birth of groups like..

N.W.A (Niggas With Attitudes)
N.W.A (Niggas With Attitude)
Public Enemy lead by Flava Flave

These groups were seen as radicle because they mostly talked about violence in the streets. They were said to have insighted violence in their neighbour hoods.In my opinion these group were just speaking out on what was really happening in their neighbour hoods. Despite all this Hip hop still went main stream. A few decades later we had hip hop companies like…

This showed that hip hop had become main stream, that it had been taken from the street where it was born to the elite class.

And so we thought, despite having organisations like the ones above backing up hip hop, hip hop was still thugging.

Tupac Shakur and Notoriuos BIG beefing up
50 cent and The Game beef in 07-08

Having artist like Tupac and Notorious beefing up in the 90s and The Game and 50 cent in 07-08. This just proved hip hop was still street. This traditions is still on going and has spread all over the world,even back home you remember earlier last year we had this…

Four of Kenyans best rappers beefing up on who is the king in the game. We heard some beef trucks flying over the air waves.

Even recently two of the best rappers in Kenya still on each others throat. This also paints a picture that hip hop is still street. All this begs the question, is Hip hop really out of the street and is now Main stream or has Hip hop taken street to Main stream?


Before I go on I just wanna let you know that this is totally my opinion. I think in all forms of art the most abused is the music.

Back in the days we had the common genres; hip hop, rnb, soul, jazz and the like. Right now we have more genres coming up, which to my opinion its both a curse and a blessing at the same time. A blessing cause it shows that we are getting creative as the industry goes by. A curse in that we have emerging genre which spit on the face of music as an art. Am talking about Trap music (like I said earlier just my opinion nothing personal). Trapping is a mush up of hip hop beats into crunk lyrical flow (by the way crunk is no more). According to me Trapping is an abuse to hip hop or rapping for that matter.

Why do I say this, having basic skills of rhyming does not cut it to being great in hip hop. Having genres like that we are just giving room for more wanna be super stars in the music scene. You won’t see things like this in paintings or…

maybe see it in sculpting, where someone is so bad but you still find people patting him or her at the back and say “good job” 

We can only see that in music, where some people sing crap but we look for something else to make them feel good of themselves, something like “the video was awesome” we should stop being too forgiving. I think we as funs of music we are too forgiving. We make the 90s and 80s kids think the had better talent than us. You know what I think, we have better talent (sorry old skool just saying) the problem is that we are too forgiving. We should stop giving room to untalented wanna be superstars, we should demand better.


Does Kenyan music get enough air play? If you ask me I think not. Let me tell you why, ask yourself right now what do you know about the Kenyan music scene compared to what you know from foreign music or musician for that matter. I always believe you buy what is sold to you, you can never buy what is not sold. 

We as listeners deserve to hear our own content so that we can appreciate and support our own sound. Am pretty sure right now we don’t know that we even have our own sound and I don’t blame us.

Our radio stations should do more, we need to give our own music more air play. The situation is so bad that in other areas for you to make it you have to sing a foreign sound for you to blow up. For instance at the Coast if you don’t bring in bongo flavour vibes in your song, then that’s it you are done. All this is brought about by the fact that the local radio stations at the  Coast play too much bongo flavour that the coastal sound is dead. So my appeal is to the stakeholders of the music industry, we need our local vibe back on air. Like I said earlier you buy what is sold #Supporting 254


Is this how we treat rising stars now? Am kinda shocked and annoyed at the same time, it seems its a crime nowadays  to make it in the entertainment industry without someone branding you to be an advocate of the devil. We need to do better people. I had an exculisive with Roverbouy about the claims that he is a freemason and he himself was shocked in that, in almost all his interviews he acknowledges God for his success. 

Maybe it’s his quick rise to the top that’s causing all this buzz. He has been select as the best RnB singer in East Africa repping Kenya by both MTV base and Trace music. People we should stop victimising people who are talented and are doing great we should instead support them. If we keep up with this we will lose really great talent. So ladies and gentlemen from me to you stop putting down really awesome talent # supporting 254


Avril surely has the game on lock. With her acting and music you can say that she’s really the queen in this game. Ok after leaving Ogopa and moving to Kaka empire, she is really doing great. She has jams with King Kaka and other artists in her new label. To be honest I thought her career would be done in music after leaving Ogopa, but hey I stand to be corrected. She is even bigger and better now. I say this cause just a few months back she did a Collaboration with Kenrayz and it was ok. She then decides to release this monster track Uko.

Apart from the vocals being on point, the video is out of this world. The Gothic twist of the video I can proudly say that the director did his homework. All I can say is that if she keeps on like this, men I can’t even say how great she is going to be. She is truly the queen at King Kaka’s Empire.

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